Principals dealing directly with Principals

Steve Kirschner
Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Principals dealing directly with Principals

Principals Direct Group is a full-service commercial real estate consulting firm that works exclusively with principals who own and operate income-producing real estate to increase their profitability.

We specialize in the Acquisitions and dispositions, of “OFF MARKET” properties in every asset type nationwide and globally.  Hotels, Office, Multi-Family, Mixed Use, Retail, Industrial, Development.

Our mission is simple: to create value from a different perspective, whether our clients seek to build their portfolio, improve their performance, divest their assets, or plan their business’ future. Our talented and established network of real estate experts and strategic partners have decades of industry experience and work directly with our clients to develop a unique game plan that addresses their individual needs.

Our Services with Strategic Partners:

Financing Commercial Real Estate
Business Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Debt and equity capital raises – No upper limit

  • Raising minority equity, control equity, and equity growth capital.

  • Raising debt from senior secured to unsecured facilities.

Our clients rely on us to complete an acquisition, expand their product line, or capitalize for growth. We are industry agnostic with extensive expertise in real estate, specialty finance, consumer finance, sports & entertainment, infrastructure, healthcare, technology and transportation businesses.

Cryptocurrency-based lending platform that allows users to independently & immediately create their own loans, without the cumbersome need for bankers or paperwork.

Cryptocurrency is one of today’s hottest markets and a hedge against inflation, but it can be difficult to understand.

Tezos Dynamics makes it easy, as we are a cryptocurrency consulting company that helps users understand the revolution of digital finance. We are also developing a crypto-based digital lending and decentralized finance platform named Mavryk Finance.

Mavryk Finance allows customers with cryptocurrency to free the equity trapped in their digital assets without the need of a 3rd party lender, and the ability to take full control of their finances.

Wealth Preservation and Succession planning, “customized” strategy to each principal and their family’s personal needs.  The strategy will not only save taxes but more importantly, it preserves net worth and directs its succession to desired beneficiaries with absolute minimal tax consequence.  It has been proven for over 25 years and is fully supported by the highest Legal and Accounting authority.

Strategic Business Advisor / Consultant globally, Capitalizing Interests  to Fortune 100 Companies,  Entrepreneurs,  Family Office, Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital,
Mergers & Acquisitions,  International Business Development and Expansion US & Foreign Companies  Corporate Spin-Offs, Start-Ups (pre-seed, seed, Series A through pre-IPO) Future Tech
Commercial Real Estate: Hotels, Chains, Luxury, Boutiques, Hospitality, Multi-Family, Shopping Centers, Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouse & Storage.

Appraisals & Valuations: A global provider of advisory and valuation services, conducting thousands of appraisals annually on various asset classes throughout all industries.

Business is personal for everyone at Principals Direct Group.

The firm provides a complimentary consultation to answer questions and establish current, short, and long-term personal and business goals.

Zoom conference meetings are scheduled when personal meetings are not possible.

Co-Brokerage and Business Referrals: PDG works directly with principals, however we co-broke transactions with Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Attorneys who represent either a buyer or seller and pay business development referral fees and commissions for introducing clients where remuneration is received for services provided.